Corporate History

The Kensington Group (TKG) was founded in 1991 by Chris Everett. Our primary objective, then and now, is to serve executive-level management with the capture, understanding and use of research-based information.
As effective, efficient information gathering and analysis has grown more critical to marketing over time, so has TKG's commitment to our primary objective.

The development of The Kensington Group has included the integration of trusted partners and their unique skill sets into our project design and implementation. Working with these associates has allowed us to offer expertise in more markets and to enhance our responsiveness to your individual project and scheduling needs -- all without increasing your cost or our overhead. The result? Greater quality. Lower cost. Better value.

Since our founding, TKG has had the honor of serving a wide spectrum of commercial, industrial, and not-for-profit clients, including:

American Marketing Association
Ball State University
Baxter Healthcare
Clarian Health
Eli Lilly and Company
Harmony Foods
Indiana University
Indiana University Medical Group
Independent Schools Association of Central States
Ingersoll-Rand Company
Jarden Home Brands
Junior Achievement (National Hdq.)
Ohio Medical
Ondeo Nalco
Retreats International
Roche State of Indiana
State of Indiana
The Scotts Company
Thomson, Inc.
University of San Francisco
University of Iowa
Wild Birds Unlimited