Research Expertise - Qualitative

The term 'Qualitative Research' refers to various techniques for gathering in-depth, exploratory information about a specific subject or market area. Being anecdotal in nature, this information is not usually projectable to the entire market population. Various qualitative research techniques are used to obtain this type of exploratory information, including:

In-depth Interviews
Dyads, Triads, and Small Hosted Group Discussions
Traditional Focus Group Discussions
Large Format, Mega-group Sessions

Selecting the optimum qualitative approach requires an understanding of the client's primary investigative objectives as well as the market environment. In addition, obtaining the most benefit from qualitative research depends on appropriate framing of research inquiry and determining how to best obtain information from the specific constituent population.

TKG's direct qualitative research experience spans more than 30 years and has involved all of the techniques listed above. In addition, our experience includes instructing several hundred other market researchers in qualitative research techniques at AMA Applied Research Methods (ARM) Conferences. Chris Everett has served as an ARM instructor at twice yearly conferences for more than a decade.