Several core values form the philosophical and operational foundation of The Kensington Group (TKG) as well as guide
our approach to working with clients and research participants alike.
In effect, the following values provide the relationship framework we enjoy with all constituents:

• Constituent-focus

• Integrity

• Respect

• Confidentiality

The Kensington Group approach to work focuses on developing trust-based constituent relationships that ensure all decisions consider your long-term best interests and contribute to a lasting relationship of mutual benefit.

Working in the research and market consulting fields dictates that an additional important core value be integral to our foundation. Keeping information confidential is a TKG core principle. The trust of all clients and constituents is strictly upheld through the confidential nature of our discreet information-handling protocols, practices and policies.

Our philosophy is that strategic research reveals the truth and that a trusting relationship helps deliver it.